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Rithivit TEP Chairman & CEO

Rithivit TEP

Founder and Chairman

Rithivit made his way back to Cambodia in 1994 and started working as an investment consultant for a number of different multinational companies almost soon after arriving. In 2011, he launched Devenco Development, which was one of the first venture capital and investment consulting businesses to be formed in Cambodia. Devenco Development was also one of the first organizations of its kind in Southeast Asia. In addition to that, he founded Cintri and Gaea, both of which are businesses that are responsible for the management of waste on a nationwide scale. He is a serial entrepreneur. Through the several companies that he owns, Rithivit is working toward the objective of establishing ecologically and socially responsible practices that have a positive effect in a range of disciplines, such as waste management, the environment, agriculture, healthcare, and real estate, amongst others. These practices have the potential to have a positive impact on these industries. Moreover, Rithivit offers advice to a number of the most significant ministries in the nation.

Furthermore, in his position as Secretary General of the Tennis Federation of Cambodia, he is also the Chairperson of the Junior and Rankings Committees for the Asian Tennis Federation. This duty comes in addition to the fact that he is the Vice President of the Tennis Federation of Cambodia.

Michel A. Pasche

Executive Partner

Michel worked at Banque Vontobel Switzerland as the Executive Director for Private Banking for a total of 35 years.

He was in charge of the French-speaking European markets, managed client assets, and worked on business development.

Building client connections for a large number of high-net-worth individuals and offering those individuals with individualized investment solutions and guidance. He had lately established his own own asset management consulting business in Geneva called MAP Patrimoine. Executive Partner of Devenco, Michel has residences in both Switzerland and Cambodia.


Vichit ITH

Contributing Partner

The vast majority of Vichit’s experience working on a global scale has been spent in the fields of financial and economic consulting services, senior corporate management with worldwide and regional corporations, investment banking (Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley, Phillip bank), private equity (Axiata Berhad), and airline management. (Sembawang Aviation PTE and Royal Air Cambodge). He has served in the capacity of counselor to a number of countries in Africa and Asia.
Vichit served as both the Secretary General of the Cambodia Investment Board and the Economy Advisor to the First Prime Minister of Cambodia during his time in both roles.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from the ESSEC Business School in France, a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, and participation in the Senior Management Program at Brigham Young University and Stanford University.


Bernard LEROY

Contributing Partner

Over the course of his more than four decades of professional experience, Bernard has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of international anti-drug trafficking work for a variety of reputable private corporations and international organizations.
For more than twenty years, he served as a détaché at the United Nations, where he was responsible for implementing the ONUDC and representing the French government on a variety of drug-related matters.
Beginning his career as a judge, Bernard has devoted his whole life to the pursuit of justice. As a result, he has been sought out by the government of France, the European commissions, and a range of multinational corporations for a variety of missions ranging from combating money laundering to combating the trafficking of illegal drugs.

Bernard Leroy is now serving as the Director of the International Institute for Counterfeit Medicine Research (IRACM), and the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) has re-elected him to serve as a member of the Organization for the Interaction of Chemical Substances (OICS) until the year 2025.

Ek Sokly

Head of accounting and finance

Manages all accounting transaction
Supervises the overall admin policies to ensure compliance with government regulations and internal rocesses
Provides monthly accounting to top management and when requested
Ensures timely internal and external payments to different stakeholders
Manages Inventory
Issue and record invoices
Compute taxes and prepare tax returns
Manages balance sheet and profit/loss statements
Stays up-to-date with accounting policies and regulations

Ek Bun Leakhena

Administrator and accountant

Fill up the self-declaration of labor inspection through the system Mid June & Dec

Update annual declaration to MOC

Internet & Phone payment

Purchase office stationery & supplies

Attending list


Phallkunn PHO

Senior Operation Advisor

Phallkunn has been active in a variety of waste management enterprises around the nation prior to beginning work with Devenco Development. After serving as the customer relationship manager at Cintri and subsequently, as the managing director at Gaea for a number of years, he eventually became the managing director of Khmer Water Supply Holding.
Phallkunn has held the position of managing director of a rubber plantation continuously since 2015.

Phallkunn has earned a diploma in Civil Construction, a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University Tun Abdul Razak, and a Master of Business Administration from Charles Sturt University.

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