Our Story

Our work

Created in 2011, Devenco Development is one of the first investment and consulting firm in Cambodia.

We provide corporate finance, project management, business advisory, investment and consulting services.

Through our different activities, we focus on sectors that strongly contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

Built from a strict set of values

We have a broad view of Cambodia’s business challenges and specificities through our own investment portfolio and market researches performed for our clients. This enables our team to leverage on a rich network of high level contacts and business database to benchmark best practises.

We aim to do business with purpose. We exclusively invest in and advise companies with positive social and environmental impacts. It led us to advise large corporates as well as start-ups at an early development stage, their business purpose being our main driver in selecting clients.

Devenco’s clients include both:

  • International private and institutional entities:

Devenco fulfilled several missions on topics including market research, capacity building, access to finance, improvement of business practices, management and operations etc.

  • Local companies:

The firm notably supported SMEs through surveys, industry analysis, financial projections and company valuation as well as helping them to better understand their clients.

Devenco Development's team

We are a modern company encouraging gender equality and a good work-life balance. Our team is a successful blend of Cambodian natives, Cambodian returnees and foreign employees. This enables us to understand foreign customers’ needs while being connected to achieve high working standards and skill set.

Our team members benefit from a strong past work experience within prestigious international institutions which built their proficiency along with international standard methodology required to successfully perform in a developing market.


We are compliant with all tax and legal requirements and we believe that being a role model will inspire others to follow the same path.

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